Angel Juicer 5500 cold press Angelia 220V is a stainless steel juicer newest model

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Part Number Angel-juicer-Angelia-5500-220
UPC Angel new angelia 5500 220V
Category Angel Juicer Angelia 5500
Brand 220 to 240 Voltage
Electrical Cord Plug 
Electrical Frequency 
Product Specs 
Electricity Model 220/240 Voltage and frequency 50 60 Hertz Europe
Condition Newest model
ISBN No Angel Juicer 5500 cold press Angelia 220V

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angel juicer 5500 cold press Angelia 220v

Angel Juicer 5500 cold press Angelia 220V is a stainless steel juicer newest model includes most of our newest advanced improvements, patents, engine protections and safety features implemented since 1982 of state-of the-art juicer ever developed until the month of shipping to you!!!!

Attention Customers: Due to the repeat issues of deteriorating management service that negatively impacted the end Customers, we are not shipping to the USA, Canada , UK and Australia. We believe that customers who are paying more than US$1300-US$1700 for a home juicer or US$12,000 for a small shop juicer demand and expect the best both in quality and service. Sorry to admit that. Please, accept our apology and we humbly recommend for an alternate juicer, made in the USA the Champion Juicer Professional 5000 at a price less than 1/5 of the Angel home juicer price and we recommend the Green start Pro Commercial Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer with Jumbo tween gear for home or commercial use at around US$800 which is 1/16 the price of the smallest Angel commercial and half of the Angel home juicer and you get as close of quality to the Angel juice and even better in many areas especially including the warranty. After carefully noted the steady improvements of the latest champion and the the Green start Pro Commercial Cold Press with jumbo gears and the much cheaper price, we recommend them enthusiastically, we Note, we make no profit for our recommendation.

The Angel juicer 5500 cold press Angelia produces the best juice possible conformed by independent scientific lab. The cold press angel juicer 5500 Angelia is our entry level in the stainless steel juicer featuring manual reversal, but continues to be best juicer in the twin gear juicers and technologies. The cold press Angel Juicer 5500 Angelia twin gears spin at 82 slow rpm to extract the most juice mimicking to the mouth and jaw chewing, opening the fiber cells and pressing high force under a size of a bite to produce best extraction of juice, enzymes and essential fatty Acids. Purchase the cold press Angel Juicer 5500 Angelia today to get a free stainless steel pitcher, a pair of the silicon rings seal, an extra fuse and free shipping to most areas worldwide. Also includes many free and optional valuable bonus parts.
Note, when you order directly from us, you are automatically registered for the warranty.

To learn about the advanced technology of the Angel Juicer 7500 cold press Angelia , please, read Angel Juicer cold press Advanced Technology

To review the differences between our Angel Juicer 5500 cold press Angelia, Angel juicer 7500 cold press Angelia, and Angel Juicer 8500S cold press Angelia please, read Angel Juicer cold press Home Comparison

Optional parts ordered with a juicer would be shipped at no additional fee if they can fit within the juicer box (usually can ship additional brushes, screen scrapers, fuses, one stainless steel cup, one additional optional housing filter, silicon ring packages, silicon wooden pushers and gear bushes. All Angel juicer cold press parts shipped alone would be assessed shipping fee.

Our Recommendation:

The best is to upgrade to the Angel juicer 7500 cold press Angelia for further protection to the gears and even more juice output. The advanced features of the Angel juicer 7500 are important and have been in action for few years. These advanced features of the angel juicer 7500 cold press Angelia are also present in the Angel Juicer 8500S cold press Angelia due to their proven importance and reliability.

We recommend you add the Stainless steel cup for the juice collection since it is properly fitted to offer better support for the long housing and gears.
The optional silicon sealed pusher is a great addition for certain foamy fruits and vegetables.
We recommend any anticipated needs such as an extra cleaning brush to ship free with the juicer.

Enjoy! When you order the cold press Angel juicer 5500 Angelia, we will include for free a stainless steel cup, a pair of silicon ring and an extra fuse.
Note, we can only fit one cup with the juicer.

As a member of the Angel Juicer Company family by purchasing from this website, you will earn points to use for a future discount and can choose to enroll in the referral program to earn a reward and while sharing the healthiest juice with others (exclusive to customers who purchase from this website).
Additionally, you will receive with the juicer the standard parts:
A cleaning brush
A screen scraper
A regular style Wooden Food Pusher
A plastic Juice Collector Tub
A plastic Pulp Collector Container
An Electrical Cord
Angel Juicer Angelia Operating Manual.
Warranty enrollment is automatic and no need to fill-in or mail any card if you purchase from this website.

The Angel juicer 5500 Cold press Angelia, Angel juicer 7500 cold press Angelia and Angel Juicer 8500S cold press Angelia sold from this authorized site are the newest models and the official factory name of the latest models are the most advanced high quality all stainless steel twin gear juicer manufactured most recent offering best juicers manufactured by Angel juicer since 1982 with continuous research and development.  Angel juicers brought the first twin gear juicing technology in the world. You may find some sellers call the models by all sort of fancier names or even place their own stickers on them, but the official names are Angel Juicer 5500 cold press Angelia, Angel juicer 7500 cold press Angelia and Angel juicer 8500S cold press Angelia. The names would remain the same even if we make minor tweaks as they are classic and timeless in design and technology as the best stainless steel juicer. Sites that place different stickers on the official names of the Angelia are not warrantied by us and you will need to contact them directly for any warranty needs.

Based on our ongoing testing and customers' feedback, we have made minor but important structural improvement to the filter and the finely tuned of the gears to produce Shattering Helical Gears Technology. The result is better performance housing filter and even more juice and nutritional extraction. See lab analysis.
The bottom line is that there is hardly a home juicer that can match or come close to the superior nutritional extraction of the cold press Angel Juicer cold press Angelia series.
Is the Angel Juicer cold press suitable for juicing sugar cane? Angel juicer cold press home and commercial machines are not suitable for juicing sugarcane and should be avoided to prevent damage to the machine. We have a prototype machine that is still under testing for sugar cane and currently not available for retail.